Monday, May 21, 2012


You can't really see it well but that's a photo of our brand new fence! Mostly we need a fence around our empty lot to keep the juvenile delinquents from stomping our pumpkins, and keeping the people from cutting through our lot after making illegal purchases. We are so happy to have it up, Nick put the posts in on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday we stretched the wire, together.

Things are moving really quickly around here. With the wedding two months from today, it's a good thing! Nick and I spent the day out buying plants for the front beds. We wanted flowers that we can cut for flower arrangements for the reception.

After the tulips bloomed and wilted, the beds in the front looked horrible, the chippy paint doesn't help. After an hour or so digging, adding compost and fertilizer we finally got to start planting.

I can't wait until it all fills in!

I've already started dead heading in the hope that I'll have tons of blossoms to choose from. Since I was out cutting I thought I would bring some in to enjoy now.

The invites are almost all addressed, the final shopping lists made, the cookie list done, now to just put it all together!

Just two months from right now, Nick and I will be relaxing with our families and friends, and I will officially be Mrs. George Nicholas Reeves! Two months from today, WOW! O.K. I need to write my vows...moment of stress...what is one moment out of a lifetime of happiness?

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Ms. Jane has come and sadly gone. We had a wonderful, very productive visit. As you can see, Bruno adores his Nana! Boy did she spoil him! And boy did he let her! Jane and I spent a day out shopping over in Boise and Nampa, looking for envelopes for the wedding invites and a dress for the glamorous Miss. Maria, my junior maid of honor and assorted wedding stuff.

I was a little nervous that Ms Jane would be one of those shoppers I hate, you know the ones...oooh look at this....oh look at that...oh let's go look at that. Nope she's like me. Go in scan the store, go to what you want, grab the right size, pay for it and get out! I was so relieved! 

Nick's sun flowers have grown about a foot since this photo was taken! We think Ms. Jane brought some of that magic Tennessee pixie dust fertilizer with her. Everything has really gone a little nuts since she's been here.My rose bush must have 300 buds on it right now! I can't wait to see what they look like!

The week Ms. Jane was here was sort of like a long slumber party, I don't think we went to bed before 2 am. So we slept in a little, here's Ms. Jane with Bru. He really enjoyed having her here and sharing the bed with just one person instead of two.
When she left, he spent the whole day waiting by the front door for her to come back. We all had such a great time and we all miss her.

Time for dinner! Oh, Nick's job at the theater...going o.k. He's working a lot of long days but not alot of days, which is sort of nice since there is so much to get done around here for the weeding. We'll now it really is time for dinner!

Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My name is Bruno-sometimes they call me Brubles or Bruby Doo, but my name is Bruno. I live with Nick and Tig in the coolest house in the world! I know my mom writes about me alot but she doesn't really know what I'm thinking all the time, so, I stole her camera and I'm hijacking her blog!
The first thing I see in the morning.
Today I want to tell you about my world. There is so much going on around here, Dads trying to make Brunotopia look really good for our wedding. Yes, it's my wedding too! I'm going to officially be a Reeves!
Opps that's my paw!

Mom has a bad case of O.C.W.D. and spends alot of time trying to find things for our wedding. I can't wait till it's over. Well, till the reception anyways, the food is going to be yummmmmmy! I know it's all going to be nice and fun. I think she got everything figured out as of today.

My life is really good, I get really great food, I have tons of people who love me! People tell me all the time I'm a handsome boy and I'm a good boy, people I don't even know!
Froggy my friend

My toys, I have lots of them!
I'm a real good soccer player! My dad played soccer a bunch, even in England, he's pretty good but not like me! I beat him all the time like 30-0.
My favorite place to nap.
I'm just the luckiest dog in the world, when I think about when I met my mom, at the Humane Society, that was the best day of my life. 
My other favorite nap spot.
In one week my NaNa will be at my house. I have her whole trip planned out, Cuddle cuddle cuddle!!! She is a really special lady. When she came to see me the first time she slept in Mom and Dad's bed all by herself, I thought she might feel lonely in there alone so I jumped up there and snuggled her. She snuggles real good, we've been in love ever since!
The best treat ever!

Mom is going to bake these for breakfast when NaNa gets here. Uh oh Mom's coming! Gotta go. This was sort of fun!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I don't know what I was thinking, of the 5 most stressful things a person can do, I'm doing four this year!
1. Buy a "new" old house
2. Start a new job
3. Move to a new town
4. Get married
5. Have a baby
Only number five is out of the question! I do however now have a grandson, not quite the same. It amazes me how, when you say the word wedding the cost of whatever you were looking at triples! There is so much to do, and now only about 80 days to do it.

If I was in Portland all of this would be easy, I know that place like the back of my hand, where the deals are, who has what, and how long things take. In a new town, a very small town, a very very small town I have no clue! What I have figured out is this...if you want something nice you have to drive to Boise or Nampa or Meridian. Those towns are in Idaho, a state that has sales tax so everything costs even more! We don't even have a Target store here!!
My future mother in love will be here in 9 days. When Nick asked me to marry him, it reminded me that I don't have a mommy any more, and that I really need a mommies help to plan a wedding. When I shared that thought with Ms. Jane she offered to step in, bless her heart, I'm not sure she knew what she was doing!
I have a shopping trip in Idaho planned for her, an evening of sugar cube making, invitation addressing, menu planning and recipe hunting. It's just going to be nice to have her here for some brain storming.

This silly guy has plans for Ms. Jane as well, cuddle, snuggle, love and play! His words. Just mention the word NaNa and his tail wiggles so hard he nearly knocks himself out! He and I are home alone right now, Nick started his job at the theater today. I was looking forward to getting some wedding stuff done while he was gone but I just don't feel very motivated to do it. Maybe I'll start pinning stuff and make some lists. That's it.
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


We have had a very good, very lazy day around here. It rained HARD most of the day, was a little chilly and generally a great day to stay inside and catch up.
I think Nick was really happy for the rain, he didn't have to water. He tossed more seed out there last night and I'm hoping it will get a better start than the last stuff. I spent my day working on wedding stuff, we have the whole rehearsal figured out, right down to the menu, homemade chili, (sans beans!) corn bread, salad and pineapple upside down cake! I think we might even get a pinata!

I also got busy baking bread. That little bit of counter is where I do it all, mixing, kneading and shaping. I've gotten it down to a science I tell you!

I'm not sure what happened, they started out right...

but then...well, I'm sure it will taste great, it might not slice so well but

I'm just happy that I can spend my day baking bread for my funny little family! It's so much better than store bought. I also put together some of those Overnight Cinnamon Rolls for Ms. Jane's first morning here. I'm trying something different this time, I'm freezing them until Ms. Jane gets here. If it works I'll be making at least three pans of them for the brunch after the wedding.

Bruno wishes she would walk in the door now. Not only because he wants to eat cinnamon rolls, mostly because he wants to love on her. He loves his NaNa so much, all you have to do is mention her name and he gets all wiggly! Time to go do some laundry.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Even well intentioned comments can hurt, and well, this last week has been a tough one. That's my excuse for being away for a week. One of the girls at work keeps commenting on my appearance, I've already been feeling ugly, since we moved my hair and skin have gone completely hay wire, and though I hope she means well, right now I don't want to hear confirmation that what has always worked isn't working any more and I can't afford to fix it right now. So I've spent the week having pep talks with myself, watching Youtube videos about "mature" skin care and makeup and trying to feel better about how I look. Normally I have pretty high self esteem, so feeling insecure about something so trivial seems to make it worse!
It's raining here today after three days over 85 degrees, and the scariest wind storm I've ever been in. I was hoping to get a pair of ruby slippers out of the deal, but no. The plants are finally getting a good, deep drink of water and the dust is settling. I have a ton of dusting to do before Ms. Jane gets here in just a couple weeks. I also went out to the Quonset today and boy...I need to do some work out there cleaning and decorating.
living room



I have my work cut out for me. I do love having this space for my friends and family, a place where they can stay and not feel like their under our feet and we're not in their way.
back windows
I don't think I'll need to spend much money, well, famous last words. Thanks to Ms. Jane though I wt need to buy fabric for the windows. Just a few dishes, some bar stools a couch...o.k. it's adding up! and I almost forgot, I have to stock it with Mystic Mint Cookies! for Dad!!! We got rid of so much on our last two moves, things we didn't have room for in our studio, things that we didn't think we needed, now we could use them, oh well, no use crying over it now.
Nicks latest raised bed

On the wedding front...we finally found the Basque! and no Dad it did not involve throwing a lamb in the middle of Main Street and yelling here Basquey Basquey! I can say that I'm Greek and pretty sure there is some Merino in my DNA! The Basque Club owns the train depot and we want to make sure there isn't a problem standing outside saying I DO! The flower seeds I planted for bouquets are finally coming up and the grass is really filling in nicely! I can't wait to be Mrs. Nick! To officially be Corbin and Maddy's step mother and Caydens Yia Yia! That reminds me I need to find and fill a toy box for Mr. Cayden to have at Papou's house.

Who knows, maybe my rose will be in full bloom for the wedding! I can't wait to see what color it is!  I just found out that my brother Stefan will be taking photos for the wedding! Score! Free good photographer who I can black mail to make sure I get the photos I want!! Bet you didn't think of that did you Froggy Bottom? How do you know it's right? Everything just seems to fall into place. Even my hair and skin are starting to get normal again!

Well, guess that's about all. I'm going to try and be better about posting, it makes me feel better when I do.
Have a lovely evening!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Some things came up this evening that have me thinking, and feeling incredibly grateful. Love is hard, oh sure it's really easy for the first little while, when you shut out the world and nothing but the two of you are important, but it does become work. I learned the truth of that from my dad at my mom's memorial service, o.k. I know that sounds weird, but they had (and I think still have) an amazing relationship, one that I honestly thought I would never find. Dad said that day that anyone who tells you love is easy, that you won't argue, anyone who tells you that is lying. It's so true!! Nick and I have a great love, and it's because, in part, of the teachers I've had in my life.

Mom and Dad taught me that honesty, openness, communication, respect and a good sense of humor are must haves in a relationship. Did they fight? Heck yes!! Did they always agree? Hell no! Did they always work it out? Thank God yes! They didn't keep secrets, even when sometime I wish they would have, everything was right out there between them.

They say that with age comes wisdom, I don't know about that, but as I've gotten older, more comfortable in my own skin, and more reflective I've been able to put the lessons people have tried to gift me in proper contexts. Maybe it's the whole "life experience" thing, but I have more ah ha moments now. My Grand parents also taught me about love, I only hope I can be as loving towards my grandchildren as they were to me. I have so many memories of all of them, and now I see that in their actions, they were trying to help turn me into a good person. I have tested the strength of my family's love over the years, like you wouldn't believe, I have given them every reason to give up on me, hell, I have practically begged them to and yet...

Nick says there is no such thing as "unconditional" love. I disagree. Most of my life has been a sociology experiment, and after several years of observation, yes "unconditional" love does exist. The experiment is over, Thank you family for your participation, and for not killing me, I know it wasn't easy. 
G'mom taught me that love is patient, I know there were times for her that she wanted to brain my G'pop, I also know she loved him, so she let alot slide, with so much grace. She would occasionally be pushed to her limit, spew venom at Pop, stew for about 20 minutes, muttering under her breath and then it was over. I never once heard her throw the past at him, that's another big relationship lesson, let the past be, don't keep "tally". I actually heard a strangers argument once that went something like this, " Four years ago you said...". She also taught me to be creative, once the dog got a mole, G'mom asked Pop to take care of it, he didn't, big mistake, she went to his favorite bakery and got one of those pink boxes...yep, she put the mole in it, put it on the freezer in the garage, and told Pop she got him a treat. I was very glad I was hanging out at their house that day. I learned that humor in the heat of anger can be great for a relationship, Pop laughed pretty hard and took care of that mole.

I guess what I'm saying is that, being in love is very hard work, but if you can talk instead of yelling, laugh, be open and honest and learn to tell the difference between the "BIG" stuff and the "little" stuff, let go of the need to be right, be compassionate, listen more than you talk and remember what is really important, then you are well on your way to having what I am lucky enough to have with Nick. We both say that we want to make life easier for each other, to help the other carry his load. More than saying "I love you" we say "thank you".