Monday, May 21, 2012


You can't really see it well but that's a photo of our brand new fence! Mostly we need a fence around our empty lot to keep the juvenile delinquents from stomping our pumpkins, and keeping the people from cutting through our lot after making illegal purchases. We are so happy to have it up, Nick put the posts in on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday we stretched the wire, together.

Things are moving really quickly around here. With the wedding two months from today, it's a good thing! Nick and I spent the day out buying plants for the front beds. We wanted flowers that we can cut for flower arrangements for the reception.

After the tulips bloomed and wilted, the beds in the front looked horrible, the chippy paint doesn't help. After an hour or so digging, adding compost and fertilizer we finally got to start planting.

I can't wait until it all fills in!

I've already started dead heading in the hope that I'll have tons of blossoms to choose from. Since I was out cutting I thought I would bring some in to enjoy now.

The invites are almost all addressed, the final shopping lists made, the cookie list done, now to just put it all together!

Just two months from right now, Nick and I will be relaxing with our families and friends, and I will officially be Mrs. George Nicholas Reeves! Two months from today, WOW! O.K. I need to write my vows...moment of stress...what is one moment out of a lifetime of happiness?

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  1. Hi Tig. I see that you're one of my followers and finally got around to visiting your blog. Thanks for looking in on me, too. Blessings, Diane


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