Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My name is Bruno-sometimes they call me Brubles or Bruby Doo, but my name is Bruno. I live with Nick and Tig in the coolest house in the world! I know my mom writes about me alot but she doesn't really know what I'm thinking all the time, so, I stole her camera and I'm hijacking her blog!
The first thing I see in the morning.
Today I want to tell you about my world. There is so much going on around here, Dads trying to make Brunotopia look really good for our wedding. Yes, it's my wedding too! I'm going to officially be a Reeves!
Opps that's my paw!

Mom has a bad case of O.C.W.D. and spends alot of time trying to find things for our wedding. I can't wait till it's over. Well, till the reception anyways, the food is going to be yummmmmmy! I know it's all going to be nice and fun. I think she got everything figured out as of today.

My life is really good, I get really great food, I have tons of people who love me! People tell me all the time I'm a handsome boy and I'm a good boy, people I don't even know!
Froggy my friend

My toys, I have lots of them!
I'm a real good soccer player! My dad played soccer a bunch, even in England, he's pretty good but not like me! I beat him all the time like 30-0.
My favorite place to nap.
I'm just the luckiest dog in the world, when I think about when I met my mom, at the Humane Society, that was the best day of my life. 
My other favorite nap spot.
In one week my NaNa will be at my house. I have her whole trip planned out, Cuddle cuddle cuddle!!! She is a really special lady. When she came to see me the first time she slept in Mom and Dad's bed all by herself, I thought she might feel lonely in there alone so I jumped up there and snuggled her. She snuggles real good, we've been in love ever since!
The best treat ever!

Mom is going to bake these for breakfast when NaNa gets here. Uh oh Mom's coming! Gotta go. This was sort of fun!

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  1. Bruno and Hector should get together . . . they both have talent.


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